We offer ion-selective electrodes (ISE) and membranes of different size and shape for measuring the concentration of ions such as NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, K+, Na+, and different metals in aqueous solutions. 

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CITSens Ion, ion selective electrodes

The CITSens Ion Mini-Tube ISE’s are ion selective electrodes specially designed for small sample volumes and convince by their good resolution, very good selectivity and long life time. They are ready to use and can be connected to every standard pH – meter as well as to the CITSens Ion Potentiometer from C-CIT Sensors AG


The CITSens Ion UNI ISE MT050 is the ideal sensor tube for the development of own ion-selective electrodes. Together with the ion-selective membranes and the potentiometer CITSens Ion Potentiometer.


Our product portfolio also offers CITSens Ion UNI ISE MT090 ISEs (120 or 225 mm of length) with tip replacement options. These electrodes are tailored to applications using bioreactors with working volumes of up to 5 litres.

CITSens Ion Potentiometer

C-CIT Sensors Six-Channel ISE-Potentiometer (ion meter) is used for studying the activity of a large scale of ions in solutions. The Potentiometer allows to connect six electrodes simultaneously and to monitor six anions and/or cations in parallel referenced to a single reference electrode (channel 7).


The instrument can be used for different applications: To check the comparability (i.e. reproducibility, detection limit etc.) of ISEs under identical conditions.


In process monitoring, it allows to monitor six different ions simultaneously. An electronic temperature sensor can be connected to the instrument in order to correct the read-out of the potentiometer.


Various add-ons allows you to upgrade the very versatile device. Such add-ons are calibrators, ion-selective sensors as well as software such as software to calculate activity coefficients.The high quality of the potentiometer was proved by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS).


Typical applications include the quantification of key ions in chemical reactions, waste water analysis, aquaponics, phyto-mining and many other environmental applications.


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