Typical applications are located in early process development, in bio-production , in cell biology experiments with a need for understanding a cell culture’s metabolic activity over a longer period of time or in metabolic profiling experiments of different cell types in given tissue .



We offer a range of single-use products in disposable bioreactors and small scale reaction vessels such as T- or shake flasks. Our product line


CITSens MeMo


“CITSens Bio & MeMo

is tailored to continuously analyzing parameters of your interest such as Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Ammonium, and pH.The value of using CITSens products is given by:

  • increased yield of product

  • cost reduction

  • reduced manual labor

  • decreased contamination risks detailed and reliable data in real time continuous and disturbance free measurements

  • absent monitoring (data storage, processing and quality control)

Composition and implementation of CITSens Bio

CITSens Bio sensors are based on screen printed electrodes which are coated with an immobilized enzyme. The sensor is built into the respective original cap or finished as a PEEK PG13.5 sensor, double packaged and subsequently sterilized by gamma-irradiation.

For implementation of the system, the CITSens Bio sensor is connected to the radio transmitter and put into the cell culture. Data measured are transmitted to the ZOMOFI radio receiver and transferred to the PC by means of LAN.

Bridge gap between cell bio R&D and biotech production

Continuous and disturbance-free measuring of key metabolic parameters is critical for cell biologists. Cell growth and metabolic activity can be measured instantaneously and such derived data can be used to trigger bioprocess control actions.

It is not only the sophisticated labs of biopharmaceutical companies who benefit from the features offered by CITSens Bio but also the many investigators in the different fields of basic cell biology research. Frequent manual interventions for sample taking or optical examination harm cell cultures and disturb their growth. Negative aspects of disturbing growing cell cultures are:

  • lower cell density resulting in lower product yield


  • metabolic stress and gene expression due to environmental change (carbon dioxide, temperature, pH Shift, seize of agitation)

  • no information on their actual metabolic state by optical inspection

  • risk of contamination

  • detailed and reliable data in real time continuous and disturbance free measurements


  • remote monitoring (data storage, processing and quality control) 

Disturbance-free Monitoring

Using CITSens Bio (combining the power of electrochemistry and radio transmission) cell biologists in R&D and production continuously control the growth and metabolism of active cells in real time. With CITSens Bio the optimal time point for interventions such as harvest or optical control are ensured. Cases of contamination are registered at the earliest time possible.


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