We offer ion-selective electrodes (ISE) and membranes of different size and shape for measuring the concentration of ions such as NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, K+, Na+, and different metals in aqueous solutions. Typical applications include the quantification of key ions in chemical reactions, waste water analysis, aquaponics, phyto-mining and many other environmental applications.

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Ion selective Mini-Tube Electrodes without Reference

The CITSens Ion Mini-Tube ISE’s are ion selective electrodes specially designed for small sample volumes. Used in combination with C-CIT Sensors´proprietary multichannel potentiometer or any standard pH meter, they offer good resolution, very good selectivity and long life time.
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6 Channel Potentiometer

C-CIT Sensors Six-Channel ISE-Potentiometer (ion meter) is used for studying the activity of a large scale of ions in solutions. The Potentiometer allows to connect six electrodes simultaneously and to monitor six anions and/or cations in parallel referenced to a single reference electrode (channel 7).

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Ion selective Membranes and MT050 Body

The CITSens Ion UNI ISE MT050 together with the ion-selective membranes and the potentiometer CITSens Ion Potentiometer is the ideal sensor tube for the development of own ion-selective electrodes.

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