C-CIT Sensors AG is the leading manufacturer of high-quality systems for the continuous in-situ measurement of key metabolites in cell cultures or environmental samples.

  • CITSens Bio consists of solutions for monitoring Glucose, Lactate, Glutamate, Ammonium and pH
  • CITSens Ion offers ISEs (ion-selective electrodes) for analyzing Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Nitrate, and other ions of interest

In order to help develop or to optimize your application and system we offer customized solution services driven by:

  • innovative people and young minds
  • core competence in electrochemistry, sensor technology and analysis
  • broad application experience in the life sciences
  • efficient/ long term project management



We support the development of your strategy, accelerate your science work and foster your cost control resulting in better products, in more efficient workflows, strengthened knowhow and improved process experience:

  • access to electrochemical sensor technology and services
  • detailed and reliable data
  • new possibilities to create smarter and more efficient/ valuable applications and products
  • Accelerated strategic work flow 


  • continuous, real-time and in-situ measurement of key parameters
  • instant information and control of the process 
  • eliminating the error-prone steps of sampling and off-line measurement
  • accelerated metabolite-driven work flows due to undisturbed conditions


  • reduction of manual interference and human errors
  • ease of use
  • increased process efficiency and higher yield of product
  • integration of workflow from data generation to storage and retrieval


Headed by Professor Ursula Spichiger-Keller, the former ETH Zurich institute named CCS, the Center for Chemical Sensors developed the technology and expertise and built the experience in the field of bio/chemical sensors that laid the foundation for starting up C-CIT AG in 2002 from which C-CIT Sensors AG was spun out in 2013.

C-CIT Sensors, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with several products used as reference methods by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS, www.metas.ch) is backed by Abalis (http://www.abalis.ch) and focuses on the development, production and marketing of ion-selective electrodes and enzyme-based sensors for measuring relevant parameters in cell cultures, water, sweat and other aqueous liquids.

C-CIT Sensors’ management team is passionate about developing new products and applications  and thereby serving its customers and stakeholders.

Jan Luechinger, CEO


MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Disturbance-free, Smart Monitoring of Cell Cuture Growth


Jan Lüchinger
    Jan Lüchinger
    Chief Executive Officer

    Jan has a chartered financial analyst degree (CFA) with deep management experience in the private banking and chemical industries. He graduated in economics at the University of Basel and holds an M.A. in Advanced European Science (MAES).  

    Stefan Spichiger
      Stefan Spichiger
      Vice President R&D

      Stefan is co-founder of C-CIT as well as C-CIT Sensors AG Stefan holds a Dipl.Ing.(FH) in Biotechnology from ZHAW, Zurich University for Applied Sciences.

      Andreas Koch
        Andreas Koch
        Vice President Business Development

        Prior to joining C-CIT Sensors in 2015, Andreas worked in different sales and management functions within the bioanalytical industry. Andreas is co-founder of C-CIT. He holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and a Master of Natural Sciences from ETH Zurich.

        Ferdi Caglayan
          Ferdi Caglayan
          Head of Q&A & Production

          Ferdi holds a B. Sc. in Biotechnology from ZHAW, Zurich University for Applied Sciences. 

          Carmen Kern
            Carmen Kern
            Head of Finance & HR

            Carmen holds a degree in Finance, Employment Law and Business Administration from the Controller Academy AG Zurich.

            Andres Huber
              Andres Huber

              Andres is a finance expert and holds a degree in banking and finance. Andres worked as credit and finance specialist and organized an IPO at Euronext as CFO. 


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