C-CIT Sensors AG is the leading manufacturer of high-quality systems for the continuous in-situ measurement of key metabolites in cell cultures or environmental samples and medical application. We support the development of your strategy, accelerate your science work and foster your cost control resulting in better products, in more efficient workflows, strengthened knowhow and improved process experiences

Solutions for Biotech

  • In-situ monitoring of your cell culture
  • continuous, real-time and in-situ measurement of key parameters
  • instant information and control of the process¬†
  • eliminating the error-prone steps of sampling and off-line measurement
  • accelerated metabolite-driven work flows due to undisturbed conditions


Customized Solutions

In healthcare related applications, chemical sensors become increasingly important.

C-CIT Sensors offers development and manufacturing services for customized sensor solutions including chemistry development, electrode and sensor unit design, as well as full device development. Take advantage of our know-how in electrochemistry and its use in sensor application development.

Ion selective Sensors

  • CITSens Ion, ISEs (ion-selective electrodes) for analyzing:
    • Magnesium, Calcium
    • Sodium, Potassium, Nitrate, and other ions of interest
  • Mini-Tube Electrodes for Laboratory applications
  • MT050 for the development of own ion selective membranes
  • High resolution 6-channel potentiometer